Is AED Log really free?

Yes, we offer a free tier that allows you to manage 1 AED. No credit card required.

What’s the catch for the unlimited plan?

There is no catch! AED program management can become very costly and that’s something we want to change. Pay just one low price for unlimited AED management.

How does the 45-day trial work?

Try our Pro or Pro Unlimited plan for 45-days, risk free! No credit card required.

Is the mobile app free to use?

Our mobile iOS app is included for free on our Starter, Pro, and Pro Unlimited plans. If you’re using the free plan, we provide a 6-month free trial of the mobile app. If you wish to use it after the trial, it’s $5/mo.

Can I assign user permissions?

Yes, you assign user permissions to your users.

Is there any contracts?

No, you can cancel your account at anytime.

Still have questions?

Call us today at (855) 248-2464